L'étoile bleue is the first maritime cabaret in France.

L'étoile bleue cabaret wins the Golden Ticket! 🎫

The cabaret crew created a tailor-made show for the Grand Opening 2022. The organizers had the good taste to entrust the artistic part of their upscale evening to our director Manoah Michelot and his artists. A fantastic opportunity for the cabaret to showcase its artistic expertise. 

A customized show inspired by the historic venue: the Saint Louis Sucre factory. 

Wacky costumes, sweet choreographies, and spectacular performances in this historic venue in Marseille. 2000 guests enjoyed the zesty performance by our artists. 

The show revisited the codes of pop culture: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Katy Perry, and even Gulliver's Travels. 


More than 10 artists for a zesty and refreshing feat. 

Our dancers, singers, both male and female, mesmerized the eyes of all the spectators and electrified the evening. Amidst the roller-skating waiters and mountains of sweets, they added a burst of color to the evening with their talents. 

Artistic prowess, two stilt walkers perched nearly two meters high created a sensation and allowed everyone to raise their gaze towards their inner child. 

Renowned artists were present, such as Maison Nina, Guillaume Vallée, and Daniel.

The L'étoile bleue cabaret brought life to this evening with the trust and support of Medinsoft and all its partners. 

Medinsoft aimed to showcase Marseille-based companies, digitalization, and innovation. The Grand Opening is part of a context of social and solidarity responsibility.

Thank you for this fantastic evening at Medinsoft, and see you next year!

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