L'étoile bleue is the first maritime cabaret in France.

And yes, it's already been a year since Cabaret L'étoile bleue opened. 😱 

In total, it is:

1 year of intense artistic work: a tailor-made program. A revue created with passion and professionalism.

53 weeks of hard work and meetings to try to satisfy you as best as possible and make the customer experience unique.

365 days of dinner shows: The cabaret has offered you various menus. Now, Chef Gilles Carmignani delights you and makes your taste buds dance  😍

8760 hours of collaboration with our journalists, photographers, caterers, webmasters, technicians, and many others...

But above all, 1 year of sharing with the audience, with over 5,000 people welcomed! 🤩

Believe us, we're not going to stop there. 2023 is a year full of newness and creativity, to always keep surprising you! 😉