L'étoile bleue is the first maritime cabaret in France.

Last Thursday, we presented our grand event revue 'Disco Bleu' for the first time. A significant moment for L'étoile bleue and all our spectators.
We made you dance, sing... and laugh!

And yes, a premiere often comes with its share of surprises, showing us all that putting on a show isn't always a smooth journey...

Because L'étoile bleue doesn't hide anything from you, here are some challenges we had to face.

1. The ticketing system

When changing our ticket reservation platform, Kabao, we encountered significant monetization issues with Monetico,online payment solution.

No rest for L'étoile bleue, our teams battled for weeks to find solutions.

Grâce à l’aide de certains d’entre vous, nous avons réussi à ensemble à débloquer la situation juste avant l’avant-première 🪄🎉.

2. The sound system 🔈

To provide you with optimal sound, we invested in headset microphone systems. As our dear friends in the event and entertainment industry know, this requires some adjustments to be made!
We are actively working on it with our singers.

Nevertheless, we are trying by all means to offer you a sensational experience, worthy of L'étoile bleue and its clientele, who deserve the best.⭐️